Curiouser and Curiouser…

outfit details – dress & belt: Heart Soul // cardigan: Lily Pulitzer (Goodwill find)  // necklace: Hot Topic (not available anymore) // purse: LeSportsac x Fafi // keychain: Tado // shoes: Dirty Laundry // watch: Timex x Disney // ring: ModCloth (buy here) // glasses: Derek Cardigan (buy here) // leather bound book: Barnes & Noble (buy here)


Vanessa of Nessbow asked myself and a few other bloggers if we’d be interested in doing a blog collaboration by putting together outfits based on our favourite fairy tales. I was excited about the idea, but overwhelmed by what character I could possibly seek inspiration from. TOO. MANY. CHOICES!

While browsing through Ross last week, I came upon this white lace dress with a pleated black bow belt and immediately thought that it would be perfect to base an Alice in Wonderland ensemble around it! But I need to be honest: I’ve never actually read either Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland or Through the Looking Glass. AH! I have a copy with both books in it, but every time I attempt to read it I just immediately flip to “Jabberywocky” because that poem is my jam. I know that poem by heart! ❤ And of course I’ve seen and love the animated Disney film.

Anyhow, I found this blue Lily Pulitzer cardigan with crystal buttons for $3.25 the week before at Goodwill! If that’s not a thrift score, then I don’t know what is. I think my outfit would’ve looked better with my black ballet flats, but I’m pretty sure my house ate them because they’ve been M.I.A. for at least a good month. *sigh*

My LeSportsac x Fafi bag is something I’ve had for years. I remember being so excited when I found out about their collaboration! The design Fafi created has a Wonderland feel to it so I felt that it would go perfectly well with my outfit 🙂

What’s your favorite fairytale?


PS: Here’s a video of The Muppets performing “Jabberywocky” 😀



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14 responses to “Curiouser and Curiouser…

  1. That outfit is gorgeous. And how is it that I’ve never seen that Muppets clip before? Amazing,

    • Thankies! It’s crazy amazing, isn’t it?! I found it a few years ago on YouTube. By far one of the best things I ever happened upon on the internet 😀

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  3. Great thrift score!!!

    My favorite fairy tale is also Alice in Wonderland 🙂

  4. Very cute! And yes, a great thrifting score! That’s a bummer about your black ballet flats, though.

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  6. This is so cute! The dress cardigan combo is perfect for Alice.


  7. your dog is super cute :> lovely dress!
    check out my latest look:

  8. You definitely captured Alice, I love this. 😀 Such a fantastic fairy tale every day outfit, and perfect for this link-up as well. I love your pooch, too. 😉 Great job!