Le Fancy Geek has gotten wee bit of a face lift on the new server. I’m particularly excited about the fancy new social media widgets!

Hey my little ponies, I’m officially on my own server at!

If you entered into your browser before, it would just redirect you here to my blog, but not anymore!

I  just wanted to announce a few things for those who follow me via WordPress Reader, email, and Bloglovin’

Email Subscribers: I’m still waiting on WordPress to switch you awesome ponies onto the new server so you’ll all continue to receive updates whenever I put up a new post. It’s been a little over a week since I put in the request, and I noticed a lot of other bloggers are in the same boat I’m in, and they’ve been waiting even longer than I have. *makes upset grumbly sounds*

Until the switch is finally made, I’m going to keep posting from here ( and my new server ( because who knows how long it’ll be until the switch is finally made, and I have things I want to share with you ponies and I want to make sure you actually see them!

WordPress Readers: WordPress won’t transfer you lovely folks onto my new server (booo), but there’s a little doobly-do that will show you how you can still receive updates from Le Fancy Geek onto your Reader once I fully switch over onto my own server and stop posting here.

This can be found  on the sidebar of the newly improved

Bloglovin’ followers: Bloglovin’ is going to take care of switching to my official url instead of the one whenever I make an update, so yaaaay! No worries on that end.

And if you happen to have Le Fancy Geek bookmarked, you may want to update it to so you’re not always directed to

I’ve disabled the comments on the blog as well since it’s going to eventually be phased out. And, just so you know, I’m going to be leaving a bolded reminder on every post that you can leave comments on That’ll probably get annoying after awhile depending on how long it takes WordPress to make the switch, so I apologize in advance. I’ll be doing that just to ensure anyone one who happens to stumble upon the site that this isn’t main spot on the web for Le Fancy Geek anymore.

Thanks so much for your patience and support, ponies! I’m really excited to finish sharing my Portland adventures with you all, annnnd I’ve got a special giveaway coming up for my blog-a-versary later this month! This time around you won’t have to leave a bajillion comments for multiple entries like previous giveaways because my new server allows me to use widgets that will pick a winner for me! It’s hassle-free for both you and me, so yaaay!


PS: I also post blog updates on the following sites, so you can follow Le Fancy Geek there as well!